Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns weather: Rain forecast for east as temperatures fall

Forecasters are warning that a series of rain events are due across the country – even the Red Center – with up to 400mm falling and colder temperatures.

Australia is set to be hit by “multiple rain events” in the coming days and into next week with some areas potentially seeing up to 400mm of rain and that means a high likelihood of flooding.

Southern and eastern Australia could all become very soggy. Looking ahead, even the Outback could get a drenching.

For those areas that have seen more than their fair share of rain over the past few months, well you’re going to get some more.

And you can kiss goodbye to that balmy Easter weather. Temperatures are expected to drop as warmer than average conditions, caused by a band of cloud, evaporate.

“As expected on Monday, a northwest band was bringing rain to southeast Australia.

“It’s a fairly slow-moving system, which means through Tuesday evening to early Wednesday, we’re still looking at some good falls for parts of the southeast and later this week some heavy rain and even flooding is possible on the tropical Queensland coast, ” Sky News Weather senior meteorologist Tom Saunders said.

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Temperatures coming down

A wind direction shift will see the mercury fall from a northerly to a southerly dragging chillier air up from the seas between Australia and the Antarctic.

“It has been warmer than normal over the last few days ahead of that cloud band. Behind it are average or even below-average temperatures, below 20C on Wednesday afternoon for much of southeast Australia.

Melbourne has seen some showers over the last few days and it’s in line to get a few more on Tuesday with up to 25mm falling. But it should clear up on Wednesday with just a sprinkling or two on Thursday.

There will be a high of just 16C today creeping up to 19C for midweek with lows of 9-10C.

It will be relatively dry in Hobart but some rain is due for Wednesday and Thursday. Highs of 18C will fall to 15C by Thursday with lows of 10C on Wednesday and then just 7C on Friday.

Tuesday will be dry in Adelaide but Wednesday could see some light falls. There will be relatively consistent maximum temperatures in the city of around 21C this week heading up to the mid-twenties on the weekend. Minimums should be around 10C.

Tuesday a wet day in the east

It will be soggy in the capital on Tuesday with up to 25mm falling on Canberra increasing for the afternoon and with possible thunderstorms in the mix too. A few more showers for Wednesday but then mostly dry over Lake Burley Griffin.

Temperatures will be around 20C at 3pm most days but it could fall into the mid to high teens as the week progresses. Thursday may bottom out at just 5C.

Inland areas of New South Wales could see storms and showers on Tuesday from Albury to Orange with lighter showers as far north as Cobar and Mudgee. Around 50mm will not be unusual away from the coast.

Sydney looks set to see rain all week this week although it may not be hugely heavy.

On Tuesday, up to 5mm is possible with a thunderstorm which sets the tone for the coming days but Friday could get up to 15mm in the gauge. A maximum of 27C on Tuesday will be a high point with Friday’s high only just keeping above 20C. Lows should be in the mid-teens for Sydney.

‘Major rain event’ headed for Queensland

It will be sunny in Brisbane with a balmy high of 28C on Tuesday and then a forecast 30C for Wednesday. Rain will be a feature from Thursday on with a few millimeters in the gauge each day.

But it’s further north where a “major rain event” is brewing, Mr Saunders said. Showers should increase from Wednesday onwards in Townsville and Cairns but how heavy those falls are will depend on how close a tropical low gets to shore. The closer, the wetter.

“How much rain could fall? Hundreds of millimetres are possible and over 400mm of rain (over eight days) so we could see some flooding very late in the wet season,” he said.

Sunny and 32C in Townsville until Thursday when 10-30mm could come down and then up to 50mm on Friday. Then continuing in the same vein into the weekend.

It’s a similar picture in Cairns but the rain could be even heavier with, for instance, 40-90mm possible on Saturday and then rinse and repeat for Monday and Tuesday.

Mostly sunny for Darwin with 36C highs and lows of 25C for the coming week. Warm in Perth as well but probably not passing the 30C barrier this week, but it could get close. Lows of around 15C.

Red Center could be a hit too

Looking ahead and another rain event is bubbling up – this time for the outback.

“The weekend looks fairly dry in most areas, but then tropical moisture feeds down from the northeast and the northwest feeding down into a trough of low pressure,” Mr Saunders said.

“The result could be the first half of next week. There is widespread rain, some storms and even the risk of flooding through many inland parts of the country.”


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