TCS expands footprint in Latin America, offers cyber attacks solution

TCS expands its presence in Latin America and has launched its first Threat Management Center in Mexico. In the next year or so the company plans to employ more than 500 local cyber security engineers for the Threat Management Center.

“This is the first Threat Management Center in Latin America. Over the past year, TCS has opened additional Threat Management Centers in Bloomington, Minnesota (USA), Manchester (UK), Madrid (Spain), as well as in major urban centers in India,” Mexico based Rodrigo Blanco, Head Corporate Affairs tells Financial Express Online.

Earlier this month, TCS in Guatemala celebrated its first anniversary in the Central American nation where more than 130 associates were recognized for their work by Rajeev Gupta, Regional Director of Nearshore Operations for Latin America, as well as Ashul Mehrotra, Regional Deputy Director of Human Resources in the presence of Dr Manoj Mohapatra, Ambassador of India in Guatemala. Also present were Ambassador Shirley Aguilar, Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, Francisca Cardenas, Vice Minister of Investment and Competition, of Guatemala.

More about cyber attacks

In view of growing digitalisation globally, there has been an increase in cyber attacks. The security and protection systems of the systems have been violated, both at physical and digital entry points. With technological advances, cyber threats have also become more sophisticated and more capable of causing enormous damage. Therefore, there is a pressing need for continuous surveillance systems and real-time risk analysis. Companies are beginning to be aware of the need to protect their systems against any threat.

In the World Economic Forum’s recent Covid-19 Risk Outlook report, cyber-attacks were identified as the third biggest concern, due to the ongoing and sustained transition to digital work schemes. Lookout’s Mobile Phishing Spotlight Report cybersecurity research has shown a 37% increase in mobile phishing attacks during the pandemic.

An official statement of the company quoting Santha Subramoni, Global Director of Cybersecurity at TCS, states: “In this situation, the health of data centers, cloud systems, departmental servers, and the digital devices that employees use to stay connected to each other and to company data, becomes increasingly vital. Almost overnight, the demands on the digital infrastructure have skyrocketed.”

To provide much-needed next-generation security technology, TCS is establishing Threat Management Centers around the world. And “these centers are geared toward providing cybersecurity solutions and services, including detection and response assistance, incident management and breach support, on-demand cyber surveillance services, digital forensics, and regulatory compliance,” company officials added.

What is the focus of such centers?

These will provide cybersecurity solutions and services. These will include detection and response services, digital forensics, incident handling and breach support. Additionally the company will also offer on-demand cyber surveillance services, digital forensics and regulatory compliance. And, leveraging local expertise and partner ecosystems for seamless scalability of operations, integrated threat management services across IT, OT, IoT and cloud ecosystems,.

According to the company officials, a Zero Trust Framework has been developed for business resiliency and agility, as well as various tools, platforms and solutions including. These are not limited to a consent management solution, a cyber threat intelligence platform, a cyber drill platform, and an interactive vulnerability demonstrator, all to address customers’ security needs.

With cybersecurity risks increasing precisely as companies embark on large-scale digital transformation programs, clients’ partner with TCS to proactively incorporate cybersecurity elements into the design of their new transformation solutions.


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