The award winning baby car mirror that took away my stress – is a must have for any new parent

I often find myself stressing and wondering how the little one is getting on in the back of the car all alone, for peace of mind I gave the LovedByParents award winning Onco Baby Car Mirror a try, and my life whilst in a car changed in the matter of a glance, literally. Car trips can be a nightmare with a baby, finding yourself having to stop and start during every sniffle, moan or cough and wondering what kind of noise is that, before pulling over to check he is okay every other minute.

With Onco’s Car Mirror my journeys have become an ease, I can see exactly what the little man is up to, and with the 360 ​​° rotating mirror it fits anyway I want it too and in any car I want it to. With such a clear and wide display the mirror is perfect size allowing me to also keep him entertained as he can see me too, and the biggest benefit is that using the mirror reassures him that he isn’t left alone.

Onco’s car mirror let me interact with my little guy helping him fall to sleep knowing I’m still around

It only took me three minutes to fit in place but once in place, it was solid – The only issue I had at first was getting the angle right, but as soon as I got to grips with that side of things it was solid, the different attachment options left the mirror very secure so I had no doubt that baby was safe even over bumpy roads.

The Onco Baby Car Mirror is currently on sale with 29% off and comes with next day delivery.

Just make sure to place it on the headrest for the seat your baby and child is sat in, this way you can link it up with another mirror on your front windscreen or just use your current rear view mirror to see your child in the back .

I think the mirror is a great product and is a must have for new parents, maybe the best for rear facing seats. It’s very simple and you can see the full view of your child. The mirror is good to look at, it’s sharp and you get a clear view of your child, head toe.

It is understandable on why the Onco baby mirror is the Winner of LovedByParents Awards
It is understandable on why the Onco baby mirror is the Winner of LovedByParents Awards

I got exactly what I expected from this product, a clear view, reasonably sized, no fuss, reliable product that was exactly as described and have complete faith in using there other products.

You get a really nice wide view of your child, and with no zoom, you’ll see baby’s full body in the view which is great. You can choose to have a landscape or portrait view of your baby as this mirror can be spun around on its tilting mechanism ball.

Normally retailing at £ 14 the Onco mirror is currently at a discounted price of £ 9.99 and it’s 100% worth every penny. After using the mirror for a couple of days i had to purchase another for a family member and will be recommending to friends.

Overall, I would recommend this product to any parent, new or old, and the added bonus as stated above, is the fact that it has next day delivery from Amazon with 29% off at the moment.


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