These DIY window insulation tips will keep the cold air out of your house this winter:

Winter in Melbourne is usually a pretty miserable affair, and this one has been particularly brutal so far.

My house is just nine kilometers from the CBD, but as far as I’m concerned, it might as well be the Snowy Mountains – it often feels colder inside than outside.

This week I measured the temperature in my living room for the first time.

The thermometer showed it was about 12 degrees inside. Outside, though, it was 15 degrees.

That’s well below the “safe and well-balanced indoor temperature” of 18 degrees Celsius recommended by the World Health Organization during cold seasons. And many people – babies, the elderly, those who simply feel the cold more – require warmer temperatures, so the range is really 18 to 22 degrees.

I’ve been wearing extra layers while working from home and still feeling pretty cold, so I’ve been running the heating quite a bit too – more than in previous winters. But conscious of the pressure on the network – and with power prices set to rise significantly – I realized I needed to do something to better insulate my small, cold 1930s house.

The quickest and cheapest method, as a first step, has been to draft-proof the windows.

Why is draft-proofing your windows so important?

When it comes to heat loss, windows are a major culprit.

According to the government website Your Home, “up to 40 per cent of a home’s heating energy” can be lost through windows.

Sustainability Victoria advises that a “single pane of bare glass can gain or lose up to 10 times more heat than the same sized area of ​​uninsulated wall”.

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