Top five mobile applications to learn a new language

Do you want to learn a new language? There’s a mobile app for that. Whether you’re planning a fun trip overseas or want to do something interesting with your spare time, a language app will help you expand your vocabulary. Also, you can learn appropriate grammar and become fluent through simple lessons – all from the ease of your phone or pc.

The most excellent language-learning applications are also cost-effective, especially compared to traditional schooling or private language instruction. Many of them have voice recognition, which is essential for sound pronunciation. Others have several language selections, which is good for learning multiple languages.

Many language learning apps can help you learn a new language. Review these options to find the best one for you.


For a good reason, Duolingo is the most famous language-learning program today. The program provides free game-like courses to help you learn over 35 other languages. The app employs science-based teaching methods to assist you in learning a language. Lessons are tailored to your education and work on a wide range of language abilities.

Lessons are progressive, which means that each builds on the previous one. You can’t progress until you’ve completed each step by answering all the right questions. If you go away from the app for an extended time, it will need you to repeat the required courses to ensure your abilities haven’t become rusty.

Duolingo has more than 1.2 million reviews on the app store, which speaks for itself.


  • It’s free to learn a language.
  • Features that will help you stay motivated
  • Lessons can finalize in a matter of minutes.


  • Less content for languages ​​that aren’t as widely spoken.
  • You must learn subjects in a specific order.
  • There are few opportunities for real-world practice


Pimsleur is a popular language-learning platform built to help you study by listening, unlike other language learning applications that offer on-screen interactive games. Because Pimsleur employs an audio format, it’s easy to learn during the day. Listening to native speakers also aids in the rapid acquisition of vocabulary and listening comprehension.

The premium plan from Pimsleur is a little more costly than its competitors. You’ll spend $ 19.95 per month to study English after a seven-day free trial. Pimsleur promises that you can learn another language in as little as 30 days.




For beginners, this is a good option. It’s an excellent app for learning new words. You’ll be forced to repeat the terms you’ve already learned until you’ve mastered them completely. Because it is easy to use, this software will be the perfect alternative for folks who are not tech-savvy.

Select a language, then a stage, open an account, and log in. Over 42 million individuals use Memrise in 189 countries to study languages. There are over 20 languages ​​to select from. There are also offline courses available.

4.9 stars in the App Store, 4.6 stars on Google Play. Some classes are free, but you must subscribe to Memrise Premium ($ 8.99 per month) to access the entire program.



  1. BUSUU

Buss assists you in learning at your present level of language acquisition and matching you with a native speaker mentor. It offers a modern, user-friendly UI. And over 1,000 lessons prepared by professional language experts are available on Busuu. It serves as a reminder. It will bring up the words which you have more trouble remembering. It also has a feature that helps to track your achievement.

Busuu’s language selection is limited, with only 12 languages ​​available at all levels. McGraw-Hill Education credentials are available to Busuu Premium members.

4.9 stars in the App Store, 4.4 stars on Google Play. The app is free, but Premier and Premium Plus subscriptions are available for $ 6 and $ 7 a month.




This software is for you if you can properly recreate all grammatical aspects but can’t speak properly in a live dialogue. HelloTalk is a social networking app for mobile devices. With over 18 million users, it has a worldwide culture and language exchange community.

Live conversation, news, and photo exchange will assist you in putting your newly acquired skills into practice. Freephone calls and direct voice messages are available. This software supports more than 150 languages.

4.7 stars in the App Store, 4.4 stars on Google Play. Editors’ Choice is the title given to it on Google Play. A monthly subscription to HelloTalk is available for $ 2.99 a month.



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