TrackDayR update overhauls physics and adds new dirt track

TrackDayR’s latest update adds a brand new motocross track and significantly overhauls the sim’s dirt and road physics.

TrackDayR continues to progress impressively, with the release of the v1.0.91.64 yesterday (23rd June) bringing several notable improvements to the motorcycle sim.

The last TrackDayR update we reported on in May saw the developers – Mad Cow – add three new bikes, moving the title towards motocross/enduro style riding. All of this arrived with an improved tire model inspired by the industry-standard Pacejka tire slip formula.

The new update again adds a stack of fresh content to TrackDayR and we run through the highlights below.

TrackDayR update overhauls physics and adds new dirt track

New Pro Mode

TrackDayR’s new build introduces Pro Mode and Newbie Modes. Newbie Mode plays the same way as the game has always done. Pro Mode, on the other hand, eliminates the lean limit of your rider.

Players can now shift the rider’s body position on the bike independently of the motorcycle’s lean angle. On a gamepad, the right analogue stick shifts the rider’s body position while the left stick controls the bike’s direction.

This adds an extra layer of difficulty and realism to TrackDayR, making for dynamic action and screenshots as a result.

TrackDayR update overhauls physics and adds new dirt track

New track

Update v1.0.91.64 also sees the release of a new track. TrackDayR’s last major release in May added Super Enduro and Supercross tracks. This time round, off-road biking gets more love with the introduction of a sandy motocross-style circuit-known as bmxsand in-game. The track is a conversion of Israel Sand Track from MX Simulator.

The track has been designed using photogrammetry and showcases the sim’s new graphic and physics updates – rider’s clothes now flap in the breeze, while sand noticeably blows across the berms. The game also now shows the first signs of deformable terrain, a feature hoped to be included in later updates.

TrackDayR update overhauls physics and adds new dirt track
The new track – bmxsand

Improved bike physics

Physics have also been improved in this update. TrackDayR’s dirt tire model has been tweaked, but the ability to change the bike’s attitude mid-air is a big step forward.

Throttling up while in the air brings the nose of the motorcycle up while pulling the rear brake will point the nose downwards. This enables players to line up jump landings more accurately.

Tarmac track bikes also receive some love, as it’s now possible to enter into extreme, track-touching lean angles thanks to the new Pro Mode mentioned previously. It makes the possibility of low siding a constant possibility. It looks cool too!

Wheelies are now easier to control too, with new rider crash animations, an improved helmet camera and many other minor improvements added to the game. It’s also now much simpler to find screenshots thanks to their location being moved to the Documents folder.

TrackDayR update overhauls physics and adds new dirt track
Obscene lean angles are now possible

TrackDayR is available now on Steam at a 30% discount as part of Steam’s Summer Sale.

Is there anything else you’d like to see improved or added to TrackDayR in future? Let us know in the comments below.

TrackDayR v1.0.91.64 Changelog

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