Travel insurance – the small print

Sir, – I have been a loyal policyholder with VHI Multi-Trip Travel Insurance for many years, and I found their service very good when I needed it. I always took out “Worldwide” cover. Today, I received an email about renewing my policy, which is so easy it almost happens automatically – and here’s the problem. If one does not open the layers of documentation to read the policy conditions, one could easily miss this: if you are over 80, you will only be covered for a trip to the US (or the Caribbean) for five days. Given that day one and day five would be spent at airports, this would limit my visits to see my grandchildren to three days – a very expensive proposition given the cost of airfares. More importantly, I could easily have accepted the renewal terms and traveled, unknowingly leaving myself in the US unprotected by medical insurance – not a situation I like to contemplate. I checked around with other insurers, and most of the main ones have the same (ageist?) Limitations. Amazingly, I have now got travel cover with no age limitation from my local supermarket chain! However, if you’re over 80, get your specs out and read the small print! – Yours, etc,



Co Dublin.

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