Truck violently rams police car at speed, leaving officer in hospital:

This is the moment a tipper truck violently rams a police patrol car, leaving one officer needing hospital treatment.

The Metropolitan Police have appealed for help in tracing the vehicle and driver involved in the incident that happened on Friday morning in Stockwell, London.

The police had attempted to pull over a yellow Ford Transit tipper truck, because of damage to the vehicle and erratic driving, when the driver reversed at speed their car.

Footage posted on social media showed the police attempting to reverse out of the way before their vehicle was struck at high speed by the reversing van, crushing the bonnet and leaving the horn stuck blaring.

One officer required hospital treatment for injuries to his head and hand from the incident and was subsequently discharged. A second officer was assessed at the scene by paramedics.

A police search of the area followed the incident, but officers were unable to locate the vehicle and the individual at the wheel. The investigation is ongoing.

The Met described the vehicle as yellow and black in color, with a damaged mirror on one side, with the registration believed to be FA04 UZW although the F was missing from the rear number plate.

The van had the branding of a waste disposal company on its side, but the owner of the company told The Sun that he had sold the vehicle seven months ago.

He said he had been visited by the police and claimed that the vehicle had been linked to fly-tipping.


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