UK weather forecast: Britain to be battered by heavy downpours as Atlantic blast hits | Weather | News

From Saturday April 23, many parts of the UK will see showers, with rain concentrated on the Scotland-England border by the following Monday. As the week wears on, the accumulated precipitation will climb, reaching just shy of 4cm in the southern parts of Scotland and the northeastern tip of England.

Across the east and south-east, the figure will be closer to 35mm of total rainfall, dropping to 20mm for the southwest of England and 25mm in the Plymouth area.

The Midlands will see lighter showers, and the central-eastern region of England will escape largely unscathed from the heaviest of rain.

Across Wales, the numbers vary between 21mm and 29mm of total accumulated precipitation, and the highlands of Scotland will stay relatively dry compared to the rest of the UK.

Jim Dale, senior meteorologist at British Weather Services, was warned that “far more” downpours would hit the UK in the wake of the warm Easter bank holiday weekend.

Mr Dale predicted that a “new frontal system” coming in from the west would set the trend for a rainy end to a “pleasant” April.

He foresees that the “largely settled” and “uneventful weather” of the bank holiday weekend “won’t last forever”.

Within this, there could be “extremes” of weather conditions, such as rainfall.

He told that the “cool Atlantic airstream” could bring “even thunder-type showers” ​​to UK shores, moving inland as the days wear on.

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The start of the week could bring “slightly higher” temperatures, but this will likely “decrease over the subsequent days” towards the weekend.

They suggest rainfall may come in “more organized bands”, with early May heralding “unsettled weather” and “outbreaks of rain” concentrated in the south.

Ahead of the weekend, Tuesday, April 19 should “see further scattered showers across Northern Ireland and Scotland”, BBC Weather reports.

The rest of the country will see “mostly fair conditions”, and the showers in Scotland and Northern Ireland will tail off in the afternoon.

With Wednesday set to be fair across the UK, Thursday will likely see rain “move in from the east” and target the north of England and Scotland before disappearing in the evening.

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