Unidentified ‘Karen’ seen taking down flags of Latin American countries in viral video

OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) – The Oakland Unified School District is looking into a viral video that appears to show a woman taking down the flags of several Latin American countries at an elementary school.

The video, first posted to Instagram account The Black Bay Area, appears to show that the incident occurred at Havenscourt Middle School in East Oakland. It’s not clear from the post when exactly the video was shot. According to the caption accompanying the video, the flags were up for Hispanic Heritage Month, which started last week.

The Oakland Unified School District confirmed to KRON4 the flags were raised for Latino Heritage Month and that the incident occurred late in the afternoon on Saturday, Sept. 17. The school’s principal was on campus that day for a sporting event and after noticing that the flags were down, put them back up, a district spokesperson said.

The district was aware of the incident and was looking into it but has not yet determined whether to report it to Oakland police, according to the spokesperson.

“This is Mexico,” the woman, whom social media commentators labeled a “Karen,” yelled, raising a Mexican flag. “This says Mexico I’m taking it down.”

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“Why?” someone off-camera yelled back at her. “Who are you?” shouted another off-camera voice.

The woman responded by shouting several obscenities and continued taking down the flags, which also included flags from Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras.

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