Video: Dashcam footage captures moment car illegally overtakes, narrowly misses oncoming truck, police officer slams ‘fatal crash waiting to happen’

Lammas said he sees stupid driving on Aotearoa’s roads every day but “that’s next level”. He said he certainly wasn’t expecting the driver to go down the opposite side of the passing lane.

The truck driver said what the video doesn’t show is the car continues in the lane opposite the passing lane for about 200 meters.

“There was another truck and other cars coming up in the passing lane he was in,” Lammas said.

“He only got back just in time.”

The courtesy car is owned by Action Automotive, a spokesperson told Newshub they have since got the car back.

“Not impressed, we can’t have people driving like that.”

The spokesperson told Newshub the person driving the car has since apologized but they haven’t heard from them since.

Lammas said driver behavior needs to change on the Kaimai Ranges, too often he sees car drivers become more and more impatient.

“At the end of the day we are just trying to do our job and get home safely, I’m thankful no one was hurt.”

A police spokesperson told Newshub they are following strong lines of inquiry to locate the driver.

“Police are appalled at the disregard some motorists show for the safety of other road-users.”

Newshub has approached Toll for comment.

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