Viral Video of Mom Dragging Child on Leash Through Airport Divides Internet

A child being dragged by a leash on the ground at an airport has left the internet utterly divided over the viral situation.

The TikTok video revealing the situation, captioned, “Leaving Cancun is tough … I feel ya buddy,” has been viewed 10.7 million times and liked 1.8 million times since being shared on April 13.

Child harnesses or leashes, often attached to a backpack around a child, are used to prevent them from wandering off or getting lost. The topic of using these devices is controversial, with some people strongly opposed or in favor of their use.

The Stamford Advocate reported that Dr. Benjamin Hoffman, who is the chair of the injury prevention council at the American Academy of Pediatrics, doesn’t recommend parents use the devices.

However, there isn’t a lot of data pinpointing the devices for causing injuries, and there aren’t any recalls for them by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission either.

In the eight-second clip posted by TikToker @ cacadoodledoo83, or Erica Shupe Hall, the song Manic Monday by The Bangles played in the background as the TikToker filmed while seated by her luggage in an airport.

The video began with a mother dragging a child, presumably her son, by a leash attached to his backpack in an attempt to get him to follow her as she walked on slowly, looking back at him while wearing a mask.

The boy, who was around 3 or 4, was completely limp as his mother literally dragged him by the leash as he lay on the floor like it was nothing. The TikToker followed him with her camera as he continued to be dragged for a few seconds as people walked by before the video cut off.

Over 26,300 comments came in over the viral moment featuring mother and son, and people were completely divided on what they saw.

A viral video of a mother dragging her child through an airport has divided the Internet. Here, a child wearing a harness held by an adult.

Some people seemed to appreciate the situation for what it was. “As a mom, I approve,” a TikToker said. “This is the best.”

Others honed in on the boy’s behavior specifically. “It’s the amount of how unbothered that child is for me,” a viewer pointed out.

Apparently, the behavior isn’t new between parents and their children. “Haha, I would and have done this,” a TikToker revealed.

Another viewer figured if the kid “was hurting, crying, [or] screaming then it would be different. My kids did this and even my grandkids did this. “

However, not everyone would have done the same thing. “I’m really not for judging other moms, but this is a hard no for me,” a TikToker admitted.

Another viewer said they just “carry” their child “at that point,” adding, “I’m not dragging them on that dirty floor.”

While one TikToker had questions after watching the content. “Is that real?” they asked. “Who would drag a child, and no one is saying anything?”

Newsweek reached out to TikToker @ cacadoodledoo83 for comment.

This isn’t the only recent viral video involving children. A number of “terrified” children were surprised by a visit from the Easter Bunny that went horribly wrong. In another video, a toddler danced to an Eminem song. In addition, a group of middle school students revealed what they wished adults “understood” about them in a TikTok video.

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