Warrenton Oil Company to launch subscription car wash program

The company has partnered with Liquid Barcodes to develop the app-based service, thus expanding its offerings for customers throughout its 55 stores.

Warrenton Oil Company has announced the launch of a monthly subscription car wash service option with the goal of delivering a frictionless and contactless solution for customers, as well as building recurring revenue for the business. The Missouri based retailer’s network is composed of 55 FastLane convenience stores throughout the state in addition to WOCO Transportation LLC, hotels, and car and truck washes.

As Warrenton operates 18 car washes at FastLane locations, the company partnered with Liquid Barcodes to develop the service through the existing FastLane app. Customers will be able to select from several car wash subscription packages, add-ons, or one-time washes for a contactless car wash experience.

“Subscription programs for car wash, coffee, and many beverages and food products are an excellent way for convenience and car wash retailers to build sustainable customer loyalty as well as develop a recurring revenue business model. We are incredibly proud to deliver a technology solution that increases customer traffic, revenue and profitability of the car wash program for FastLane Convenience Stores,” said Saurabh Swarup, General Manager North America and project lead at Liquid Barcodes.

The Warrenton Oil Car Wash App is scheduled for launch in quarter 1 of 2023.

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