Watch as car bursts into flames and fire fighters battle blaze in Dublin

DUBLIN Fire Brigade have shared shocking footage of a car bursting into flames as firefighters battle the blaze.

Dublin Fire Brigade responded to 714 vehicles on fire in 2021, making up 5 percent of all fire calls.


Dublin Fire Brigade have shared shocking footage of a vehicle fire last night
Dublin Fire Brigade responded to 714 vehicles on fire in 2021


Dublin Fire Brigade responded to 714 vehicles on fire in 2021

Footage of the incident posted to Twitter shows a burnt out car engulfed in flames in west Dublin last night.

AA Roadwatch reported on average one or two vehicle fires a week affecting traffic on Ireland’s main routes between June 2020 and June 2021.

Not all vehicle fires end up like the video above as many are stopped quickly or turn out to be false alarms. But drivers should treat any steam or smoke as a potential fire until you’ve confirmed it’s not.

According to the AA, road fires are most commonly caused by arson or vandalism of parked vehicles, however, spontaneous fires can also be caused by mechanical or electrical faults and vehicle collisions.

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If you’re vehicle does catch fire, stop, pull in to safe place if possible, get all passengers out of the vehicle and call the emergency services immediately.

The fire service has also warned the public that burning cars are extremely dangerous and unpredictable, even if the blaze is seemingly under control.

In a previous Twitter post from May, the Fire Brigade warned: “Cars don’t explode Hollywood style but tires pop and struts attached to the boot or bonnet can fly off at considerable speed.”

Tires are also a serious fire hazard, and as can be seen in the video above, are particularly difficult to extinguish.

They continued to urge their followers to always “stay well clear”.


The AA have stressed that keeping on top of your vehicle’s maintenance and getting it serviced regularly is the best way to avoid a spontaneous fire.

Around two in three of all roadside fires are caused by mechanical or electrical faults.

Regularly maintain your vehicle, especially if it is over 10 years old, and never ignore a warning light on your dashboard.

And if your vehicle is ever part of a product recall, don’t wait to send it back.

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Regularly maintaining your car might be a short-term inconvenience, but it could prevent a much larger problem or even serious injury if a fire does break out.

In their report, the AA added: “Vehicle faults often develop over time rather than suddenly, meaning a regular service might catch the issue before it catches fire.”

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