Watch as cop car on 999 call smashes into shop inches from customer after swerving car – but who is in the wrong?

A POLICE car on a 999 call smashed into a shop inches from a customer after it swerved.

The vehicle rammed straight through supermarket Spar and sent stock flying as the woman fell over.


A police car swerved out of the way of another vehicle
It smashed through the front of a shop


It smashed through the front of a shop

She had just walked into the store when she looked behind her to see it coming towards her and began moving quickly into the store to get out of the way.

Yesterday’s crash in Lisburn, Northern Ireland, happened after the police car swerved to avoid a head-on crash.

Another car had already started turning right into the supermarket’s carpark and was in the other lane as the police approached.

But views are split online over who is to blame for the crash.

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Author Mike Pannett said: “Great skills by the cop. Avoided head on.”

Another person wrote: “This is entirely the fault of the person cutting up a police car which is on call.”

A third added: “He was running off the road. He had the choice to hit the red car in the middle of the road on the wrong side or the shop.”

But Lee said it was “obviously the police’s fault”, adding: “They should always be anticipating hazards such as traffic and potential of cars turning at junctions.

Most read in The Irish Sun

“This is poor from the police. No doubt he/she will be put on additional advanced training courses until performance is more suitable to the role.”

Another person added: “Police don’t know how to drive. Somebody needs to go to Specsavers.”

Earlier this month footage showed a driver hitting an undertaking cyclist as it turned into a petrol station – and views were also split.

The clip begins with John filtering past a number of vehicles.

But when he approaches a petrol station, one car indicates and immediately turns left into John’s path.

Luckily, John managed to break in time – and was not injured despite hitting the car’s wing mirror.

In the video, John is heard exclaiming: “You can’t just put on your indicator and turn off the road like that.

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“You’re supposed to check your mirrors.”

The driver simply replied: “Sorry man”.

People are split online over who is to blame


People are split online over who is to blame

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