‘Where We About to Eat At’ Viral Star’s Mother Starts Restaurant Fundraiser

A fundraiser has been launched in support of the opening of a seafood restaurant in honor of the late Antwain “TJ” Fowler.

Fowler, of course, became a star thanks to viral footage of the quickly-made-ubiquitous phrase “where we about to eat at?”. The widely adored social media figure died at the age of 6 last November, with an initial statement shared at the time saying he had battled autoimmune enteropathy.

The newly launched GoFundMe page, which is currently linked in the bio section of Fowler’s Instagram account, was started by his mother Christina B. She says her aim is to start a restaurant “in remembrance of” her son. The establishment is tentatively named WWB2EA, an acronym for TJ’s stardom-spurring phrase.

“Upon his death I’ve stated that I wish to open a restaurant in remembrance of him called‘ WWB2EA ’which means (where we bout to eat at) in his own words,” Christina wrote of the fundraising effort. “Those words had the world in an uproar with his reaction to finding out where are we going to eat our food as he props down in the front seat of my car lol .. starting this isn’t easy with all of the medical expenses and me and my families own personal endeavors. This is something that has happened to have made a promise to do so and I’m asking for the help of the public. ”

The page was initially launched on Sunday with a goal of $ 50,000. For additional info, click here.

“The pain in my heart is like no other,” the beloved internet personality’s mom said when speaking on Antwain Fowler’s death last November.

TJ’s original “Where we about to eat at?” clip has amassed tens of millions of views. As further indication of its sustaining popularity, the hilarious clip also spawned a trap remix from iMarkkeyz in 2019 with just over half a million views of its own.

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