Woman shares a genius hack to eat takeaways in the car without making a mess – and it’s a game-changer

A WOMAN has shared a life-changing hack for devouring a takeaway in the car without leaving crumbs and spills everywhere.

Almost nothing hits the spot as much as driving up to your local McDonald’s, Domino’s or Nando’s and ordering a cheeky takeaway, which you then munch on in the car.


We all love a cheeky takeaway in the car… until it leaves a mess everywhereCredit: Getty
Molly shared the game-changing hack on TikTok, where it's gone viral


Molly shared the game-changing hack on TikTok, where it’s gone viralCredit: TikTok/@mollycooper8/

However, once the meal’s finished, you look around and realize the huge mess left behind – there’s bits of cheese stuck to the car seat, crumbs everywhere and the soda has made everything sticky.

Luckily, one woman, Molly Cooper, has come up with a solution for this issue – one that’s so innovative, she’s even classed herself as a “genius”.

In a clip, which has since racked up more than a whopping 406,000 views, Molly shared the hack, which not only will catch any mess but also acts as a DIY table for you to enjoy your meal on.

The video, uploaded on the social media giant TikTok, was captioned: “I’m a genius – for people who love to eat in the car.”

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“The best eating in a car situation, are you ready for this hack?!” the young woman exclaimed.

“Go in your boot, get the parcel shelf out – a table!” Molly said as she revealed her life hack.

The camera then panned to the laps of those in the front seats, with the parcel shelf from the back of the vehicle now acting like a tray.

Fellow TikTok users were completely stunned by the trick, with many thanking Molly for sharing the recommendation.

“You have changed my life,” one person claimed.

“Or just use your lap so you don’t have to get in and out of your car,” a second user suggested.

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Another commented: ”You can actually buy a tray that clips on to your wheel from Amazon it’s unreal.”

However, there were also plenty of those who thought the shelf trick wouldn’t work for all cars.

”Only subways or hotdogs if you’ve got a fiat 500,” someone chuckled.

”My fiat 500 could never,” a driver cried.

Many were stunned by the discovery and thanked the young woman for revealing her secret


Many were stunned by the discovery and thanked the young woman for revealing her secretCredit: TikTok/@mollycooper8/

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